About Newham Community Learning

Newham Community Learning exists in order to provide an excellent education for all young people in our community. We are the only Trust to offer all-through provision from ages 2 – 16 within a single family of schools in Newham. Across our two primary and four secondary schools, all located in the west of the borough, we educate over 5,400 local children and young people, and employ a team of close to 700 members of staff, the vast majority of whom live locally.

The education we provide will be:

Inclusivewe will seek to meet the needs and aspirations of all young people, and to value and support all members of our community

Ambitious – we will be ambitious for our young people, encouraging and supporting them to excel

Caring – creating school environments where all members of the community treat each other with kindness and respect

Broad-ranging – students will have access to a broad and rich range of experiences at school which will prepare them to play an active role in adult life in tomorrow’s Britain

This work is underpinned by our agreed set of shared principles:

We support staff at all levels to continue developing and learning, including continuously refreshing their knowledge and skills.

We manage our resources effectively and transparently for the benefit of our students

We listen and respond to the views of our staff, students, families and our local community

We are actively committed to diversity, inclusion and equity – no one is left out or left behind,

We place the highest priority on safeguarding the young people in our care

We maintain and value the distinct identity of each school within the Trust

We work collaboratively with a wide range of partners, including the local authority, unions and other stakeholders, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our wider community

We are a responsible employer, supporting our staff and recognising that the commitment of our staff is fundamental to the success of our schools.