At Eastlea Community School, we believe that the Year 9 Options process is very important. It is an opportunity for your child to have increased control of the choices they make about their education. The options chosen in Year 9 will impact your child’s time at school for the next two years. These choices will also influence which options are available after Year 11 in terms of further study and career pathways.

It is vitally important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. Spend some time with your child thinking about which subjects they enjoy doing, and what keeps them interested and motivated. Above all, your child will need to think about which subjects will offer them the career options they want to pursue.

The information posted on this page is aimed at supporting you and your child through this process.



Important Dates and Letters Home


Year 9 Options Evening

Year 9 Options Evening will take place on Wednesday 21st February 2024, 3:30 – 5:30pm. There will be a short presentation at 3:30pm to share the necessary information in order to support the evening.  

This evening is compulsory for all to attend and is where students will be making their final option choices. Families will also get an opportunity to speak to Subject Leaders to help with any decisions to be made. 

Please get in touch with Ms Ghazali if you have any questions about the evening 


Letter to Parents and Carers regarding Year 9 Options 

Invitation to Options Evening. 05.02.2024


Year 9 Options Booklet

Here you will find our 2024 Options Booklet, with all the subject information you require to support discussions at home. There are some useful guidance pages on the EBacc pathway and some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Further Information

Here is a copy of the information students have received in assemblies, delivered by Subject Leads and Heads of Department. 

Have a look at this video for additional guidance. 

Parental Support

Feel free to contact the school with any questions. You may also find some of the links below useful to support your discussions at home.

A parents Guide – how to help your teenager choose their GCSE’s

BBC Bitesize – How to support your child to choose their GCSE subjects

DFE – How to help your child make the best GCSE choices 

Informed Choices