At Eastlea Community School, we believe that the Year 9 Options process is very important. It is an opportunity for your child to have increased control of the choices they make about their education. The options chosen in Year 9 will impact your child’s time at school for the next two years. These choices will also influence which options are available after Year 11 in terms of further study and career pathways.

It is vitally important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. Spend some time with your child thinking about which subjects they enjoy doing, and what keeps them interested and motivated. Above all, your child will need to think about which subjects will offer them the career options they want to pursue.

The information posted on this page is aimed at supporting you and your child through this process.

Good reasons for choosing an option

You are good at the subject

You think you will enjoy the course

It fits your career ideas and plans

It goes well with your other choices

It helps to give you plenty of choice post 16

You think you might want to continue studying it post 16

Your research shows that it will interest you and motivate you to learn

Bad reasons for choosing an option

Your friends have chosen it

You think it will be easy

Someone else thinks it is a good idea

You like the teacher you have now

You did not have time to research your options properly


Information for Parents/Carers

Below are a  set of short videos that we feel will help students and their parents/carers start discussing which options are best for their future aspirations.

Choosing your GCSE options
Technology Architect
Global HR Director
Reliability Engineer
Patent Attorney
Senior Associate – Corporate Law
 Senior Publicist, EMI
Flood and Coastal Risk Management Advisor
A Naval Architect


Important Dates and Letters Home


Year 9 Options Evening

Wednesday 20th March 2023 at 3.30pm. 



Letter to Parents and Carers regarding Year 9 Options 

Information to follow


Year 9 Options Booklet

Information to follow


Year 9 Options Form

Options form link will be live at the start of the Year 9 Options process.

Subject Presentations 

Information to follow