Uniform Equipment and Personal Appearance

At Eastlea Community School we want our students to take pride in their appearance and in their school. The uniform is a visible representation of our belief that community is our strength.


The following uniform is compulsory for all students:

Blazer with School Logo

  • We have a smart blazer with the school logo.  
  • This must  be worn around the school and on school trips.

Compulsory White Shirt

  • A white collared shirt (long or short sleeve). No long – sleeved tops to be worn under the shirt. 
  • Polo-shirts cannot be worn, other than in PE.

Compulsory Tie

  • Ties must be tied and worn properly at all times.  (This means that the tie should reach their waist band)

Compulsory Black Trousers and Skirts

  • Smart skirts and trousers must be plain black and must not have excessively visible buckles, studs, logos, embroidery etc.
  • Trousers must be smart and suit style i.e. they must not be tight or overly loose/baggy. 
  • Skirts must be knee length or longer, but must not be too long (i.e., past the ankle).
  • Skirts must be one layer only.
  • Jeans or jogging bottoms, must not be worn as part of, or underneath, the school uniform.
  • Any belt worn with skirts or trousers must be black.

Compulsory Plain Black Shoes

  • Shoes must be sensible and safe for school. Heels should not exceed 3cm.
  • Footwear must have closed in toes and should not be backless.
  • Footwear must not have excessive decoration (jewels, buckles, tassels, logos etc) or have coloured laces.  
  • Trainers are not permitted and will be confiscated by the school if they are worn in school.

Optional V-Neck Black Jumper with School Logo

  • Any non school sweatshirts, cardigans, hooded tops or tops of any kind are unacceptable at all times. . This includes if worn as part of the school PE uniform.
  • The school uniform can be worn without the jumper in warm weather.

Religious headwear e.g. Hijab/Headscarf/Mosque hat etc

  • If worn, must be black, plain with no embroidery, tassels or other decoration.

Socks and tights

  • Socks must be plain black.  (white socks are not permitted) 
  • Black knitted tights may be worn; they must not be patterned, lacy, sheer or different colours.

Outdoor wear

  • Coats/jackets must be plain black with no logos. Any non-black jackets/coats or outerwear may be confiscated by staff. 
  • Students must not wear coats indoors but can wear them in the playground.
  • Hats and caps must not be worn inside the school at any time. Plain black woollen hats can be worn in the playground at break times but they must not show any logos.


  • Students may wear one pair of small discreet stud earrings (or a single nose stud) and a watch. Earrings must not exceed the size of a 5p piece and  no piercings such as tongue, lip etc? 
  • Bracelets and ankle chains should not be worn to school
  • The school will not take responsibility for jewellery worn to school

School Bags

  • School bags must be large and practical enough to hold required equipment and school books (including A4 size).
  • Purses and wallets should be stored securely.

PE Uniform with School logo

  • Eastlea logo black jogging bottoms or Eastlea logo black shorts
  • Red polo shirt with Eastlea logo
  • Eastlea logo PE top. No other jumpers are permitted. 


Please note:

  • Black hats bonnets and do-rags can be worn in the playground but must not be worn in the building
  • Non black hats, non black do-rags and non-black coats are banned
  • Hoodies and jumpers are banned
  • In order for students to learn most effectively students are not permitted to cover their face. This includes wearing and facemask. This decision would be reviewed in the case of a future pandemic.


Students are expected to come to school fully equipped and ready to learn. Arriving at school correctly equipped is very important; failure to bring the correct equipment means that your child loses valuable learning time.  They are expected to arrive at school every day with the following equipment:


  1. Clear plastic pencil case 
  2. Black pen 
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler
  5. Rubber 
  6. Green pen
  7. Scientific calculator (Casio Fx-83Gt Plus Scientific Calculator)


The uniform guidelines will be reinforced consistently:

  • Non-uniform items will be confiscated, and the school cannot take responsibility if items are mislaid during the period of confiscation.   
  • Students who are not in uniform will either be sent home to change with the permission from their parents or carer, or will be given the correct uniform to wear.  Students will either be required to return these items or to pay for a replacement.


Students who are sent home to change must only take as long as necessary to change into the correct uniform.  If a student persists in not wearing the correct uniform then their absence, when returning home to change, will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

The school discourages students from wearing any makeup.  However if makeup is worn it should be discreet and minimal.  Fake acrylic nails are NOT permitted, students who have these will be told to remove them as they pose a health and safety risk.  

Purchasing School uniform

You can purchase items of the school uniform that require the school logo from Fashion stop. If you would like to buy the school uniform online you can do so by using the following link. Fashion Stop Schoolwear are now selling our uniform online and in-store at Fashion Stop Schoolwear, 138 High Street North, East Ham, London, E6 2HT.