GCSE Results: 

The 2023 GCSE provisional results will be published in October 2023 once the Department of Education release the data.

DfE recommends:

  • Not making direct comparisons with data from previous years or between schools/colleges or MATs.
  • Discussing with the schools/colleges or MATs factors that may have influenced these results and consider a range of information when forming a view on how well a school or college is doing, including pupil/student population information.

Key Performance Measure


Attainment 8 score 40.8
Progress 8 score -0.69
Percentage Achieving Grade 5 or above in English and Maths  32%
Percentage entered for Ebacc 72%
Ebbac Average Point Score 3.63


For further information on the DfE school’s Performance Tables click here

Pupil destinations (2021 leavers)

Data for pupils who completed key stage 4 in 2021 can be found here, this is the most recent data available.