Remote Learning

Remote Learning refers to learning that is completed away from the physical school building. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many children were learning remotely during the academic year 2020-21. The overall purpose of blended learning is to minimise the disruption to students’ education through providing access to learning that mirrors what would have been provided in school. The contents of  this page aims to provide you with all the key information you need to support your child’s home learning, during self-isolation or in the event of a lockdown.  However it must be noted that if a full lockdown is announced or if a whole year group would need to self isolate they would follow their normal school timetable as all lessons will be live. liv

Remote  Learning Guidance for Parents, Carers and Students

The National Online Safety Network has put together a set of guidelines for safer online learning. If you would like to earn more about this please click on the relevant links below.

Remote Education Policy Website 2022

Remote Learning Guidelines for Students

Supporting Daily Routines During School Closures

The Education Endowment Foundation has designed a set or resources that are aimed at helping parents to support daily routines during school closure. A visual representation of this information  and a related checklist that you might want to complete with your child , can be found below.

Supporting_home_learning_routines_-_Planning_the_day (2)


Supporting your child’s mental health

Young Minds have put together a wellbeing activity calendar that is aimed at helping your child to stay mentally healthy at this time. You van find out more about these activities by clicking on the link below.


Supporting your child while they are in isolation

During your child’s time away from school, their teachers  will be delivering live lessons. They also  will be posting information on Google Classroom to support your child’s  learning.

An outline of  the school’s  expectations can be found below:

Information for Self Isolating Students

If your child is  unsure  about how to log into RM Unify they can use the guide below to access this information

A Student and Parent’s Guide to Accessing Google Classroom

The school’s expectations for online communication with teachers be found below

A Student’s Guide to Online Communication with Teachers

You can find out about using Xbox or PlayStation  to Access Remote Learning by following the link below.

Using Xbox or PlayStation to Access Remote Learning