Governance and Reporting


Our school is part of Newham Community Learning, a group of four secondary and two primary schools in the west of the borough of Newham.

The Trust is a company, limited by guarantee.  It is an exempt charity, whose primary regulator is the Department for Education.  The way the Trust discharges its statutory duties is set out on the Governance Page of the Trust website, with includes a copy of the Terms of Reference for the local governing bodies at all of the schools.  This page also provides details of all trustees and company members.  Our Trust board is staffed entirely by volunteers, who bring a breath of skills and experience to their roles.

All governors comply with a Conduct and Competence Code, also available on the Governance Page of the Trust website, alongside a Conduct and Competence Code for Trustees.  These form part of a broader onboarding, induction and training package the Trust offers to all members, trustees and governors, available from the Google Login page of the Trust website.

The Trust’s Structures and Oversight page provides links to the details of governors at all its schools, including at Eastlea Community School.  Governors’ attendance at meetings over the past academic year is available on this page; in addition, a ‘live log’ of attendance at all our Trust’s local governing body meetings for the current academic year is also published on this page.

As per the Academy Trust Handbook, we require all our governors to declare any business and pecuniary interests, including whether they serve as a governor or trustee at any other educational institutions.  This information is also available on the Key Documents page of the Trust website.

The Trust publishes a calendar of all governance meetings for the current academic year.  At Eastlea Community School, we hold six formal governance meetings per academic year.  Both trustees and governors are always warmly welcomed to our school; both to meet with staff and pupils to learn more about our school, and to join us to celebrate our students’ successes.

Statutory Reporting

Our school is part of Newham Community Learning.  As a Trust, we publish a number of statutory reports – all of which are available on the Statutory Reporting page of the Trust website.