Curriculum vision:

At Eastlea Community School we provide our students with the opportunities to thrive and flourish both academically and personally 

To enable all students to achieve, our curriculum is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • Ambitious – for all of our students, regardless of their starting points 
  • Sequenced / Spiral – we follow a spiral curriculum that supports retrieval practice and spaced learning 
  • Literacy – our curriculum develops literacy skills and broadens vocabulary 
  • Cultural Capital – our curriculum develops strong cultural capital by presenting students with as many experiences and opportunities as possible


KS4 is an inclusive and challenging two year pathway. We offer academic choices (GCSE) and more practical options such as the ASDAN Life Skills course and entry level certificate in English, Maths and Science. Our SEND students are fully involved in school life and are supported through our curriculum which allows students to attend mainstream subjects and still attend classes which are tailored to their specific needs.  

Our curriculum offers challenge through various opportunities such as the triple science GCSEs, further Maths, Curiosity Club, the ‘Brilliant Club’ as well as chances to explore life beyond the classroom and the curriculum through the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award. 

Students are sometimes required to access learning online or directed to specific websites to enhance and support the learning that takes place in the classroom. All of our schools use Google classroom as our online learning platform. Some subjects also direct students to additional websites which are specified in this document here

Please find below links to our Key Stage Four (KS4) Long Term Plans.

List of courses available at KS4:

Core subjects:

Options subjects: 

Vocational Courses:

Subjects offered to higher attaining students: