At Eastlea, we are committed to promoting the importance of inclusivity, community and safety in our school and this is reflected in our curriculum. Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and RSHE is delivered  through our tutor programme as two, 30 minute sessions per week by the students tutors across Year 7 to Year 11. PSHE is structured around the four themes of:

  • Relationships

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Living in the Wider World (including careers and financial education)

  • Citizenship (Legal, Political, Economic)

Within our curriculum, we have structured each topic so that students revisit these all their way through their time at Eastlea, building up their skills and knowledge at an age appropriate speed. Each of the topics lays out what students would need to thrive in our ever changing world and addresses the issues raised by our students and parents, local needs and through our safeguarding team. This overall curriculum has been scrutinised by Ofsted (2023), Newham Community Learning Trust (2022-2023) and an external review by Dr. Jo Sell – all of which praised the scope, content, ambition and presentation of our curriculum. Further details can be found on the PSHE option.

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