Student VoiceĀ 

At Eastlea Community School, we believe that student voice allows students to have a say about what goes on within their scholastic community and be active participants in the school community. Student voice helps students to participate in and contribute to a number of processes at school, and aims:

  • to gather the students’ views on aspects of school life by liaising with the Tutor Representatives in their Year Group
  • to enable students to participate in making changes that have an impact on the quality of education delivered to them
  • to represent students’ views at School Council meetings so that these can be fed back to the school’s leadership team
  • to help to identify areas of school that would benefit from improvement
  • to raise with the student body, issues which are a cause for concern
  • to give students an insight into citizenship and effective leadership
  • to represent the student body in meetings with visitors

Consultation and Engagement

As part of the school ā€˜Equalities Information and Objective Statementā€™, the Student Council will engage and consult with the student body, in order to develop our awareness and information, learn about the impact of our policies, set equality objectives and improve the service we provide.